Tell us your plan to, or how you completed your mile...


We did a staggered whole school mile run. We did a total of 480 miles including children and staff!

Nicola Scholes

We did a group walk at lunchtime wearing silly glasses and some wore wigs. Even found a new place to walk near work which a lot of people were not aware of. The walk got everyone involved.

Sarah Seed

I walked 5.6 miles around Chester Zoo on Saturday

David B.

Around 1 1/2 miles at Longsands in the evening additional to my usual daily walks to and from Brookfield/Longsands bus stops and across town from the bus station to work and back – having to use public transport has improved my fitness!

D roskell

Walked to work I mile

Sharon Birkbeck

Ran 49 miles last week – training for Coniston Marathon. Included an extra mile!

Joan North

Walked a mile at lunch time with colleagues


Walk to Mum’s and back – a mile each way.

Ian C

Cycle 28 miles to and from work

deborah R

I cycled 20miles from Southport to Formby and back